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Free Blackjack Tournaments

Free blackjack tournaments are an excellent addition to online casinos. Casinos offer their players completely free tournament entry, which tempts the players to spend time online and gain familiarity with the software. In return, players can win real cash prizes, or free entry to paid tournaments (with much larger prize pools). Many players develop their skills on free tournaments and go on to play in more premium tournaments.


In a Blackjack tournament players normally pay a buy-in (anywhere from a penny to £50), and then receive a given number of chips. The aim is to finish the tournament with the most chips (in a set time). Free blackjack tournaments are exactly the same, except that there is no buy-in. There are two main types of blackjack tournament; sit 'n go and scheduled.


Sit 'n go blackjack tournaments are available 24/7 so that players can complete their wagers at their own leisure. There can be anywhere between 3 and 8 players, with the top 2 or 3 sharing a prize pool. There are also head to head (i.e. one on one) tournaments, with two players competing and just one winner. Most free blackjack tournaments are scheduled, but some sit 'n go tournaments have buy-ins costing just pennies.


Scheduled blackjack tournaments have a set start time, with a much larger number of players. They also benefit from much larger prize pools! Scheduled tournaments are often held through the day, with varying buy-ins and prizes. Free scheduled tournaments are usually held a few times a day, and either offer a cash prize pool, or free entry to a paid tournament. As the name suggests, they are completely free to enter, with no deposit required.


Playing in blackjack tournaments is a little different to normal blackjack play. Players are essentially playing against each other and not the dealer. This means that more aggressive betting patterns are often necessary. For example, players approaching the end of the tournament who are not on the leader board often place much higher bets to try and catch up. The leader(s) will have to decide what approach they take to protect their lead. Players also have a limited time to make their decisions, which is why blackjack tournaments are so exciting. They also offer a large amount of blackjack play for small amounts of money (or none at all in the case of free tournaments).


Free blackjack tournaments offer fun and entertainment for all sorts of blackjack players; whether new or experienced. It is a good opportunity to perfect those blackjack skills, while also having a chance to win real money for free. It is also good to see how your play stacks up in a more competitive environment.


Below is a list of the five best free blackjack tournaments. These tournaments are held regularly (most are daily), and offer cash prizes to players with no buy-in. Be sure to give these blackjack tournaments a try, after all, you've got nothing to lose!


Casino Buy-In Frequency Prize Pool Accept US
*Tournament schedules, buy-ins and prizes may change.
Casino RIP 1p Daily 2.00pm GMT £10 Play Now
Club USA Free! Daily $75 US Play Now
Ladbrokes Free! Every 4 hours £50 Play Now
Royal Vegas Free! Every 4 hours $50 Play Now
Rushmore Free! Daily $100 US Play Now